Candia Congregational Church Announcements

Wilderness Camp Registration has Closed

Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

There was an informational  meeting for the church body in Fellowship Hall at 7 pm on Thursday Apr. 20, 2017.   Rev. Terry Shanahan the Northeast Regional Pastor of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (4Cs) spoke to many that came about this organization, its makeup, and the benefits which we as a church would gain by becoming associated with it. 

For future planning: the nationwide Annual Gathering of the 4Cs will be held on July 17-20, 2017 in Pittsburg, PA.  We will be sending representatives from the church to both of these meetings.  If anyone in the congregation is interested in attending that meeting or to get more info about it, please contact Bob Claver or one of the other Elders. 

4C website:

Sound Team

The Worship Team is looking to expand its Sound and Video Ministry with additional people.  Our goal is to emphasize a Godly worship, create a team building opportunity and raise the level of expertise within our church.  A commitment of just one Sunday per month would be fabulous.  Contact Rob Crain or the office if interested.



Reminder that the monthly prayer gathering has been moved from the last Thursday of the month to the last Tuesday held in the Fellowship Hall.

New CCC Church Prayer Chain Process 2017

All Prayer requests will start via email – or you can contact one of the Deacons


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